I've been majorly slacking with this whole blog thing. Mainly because I've been keeping busy working on a cool new project, helping a talented team bring Munchery to NYC (all photos by moi)! But, I am making it a goal to work on more personal and exciting projects and update this blog semi-regularly. As a form of accountability.

This past winter was an intense one, and this is coming from someone who spent 90% of her life on the east coast. But summer is here and I feel grateful every time I leave my apartment in the morning or am spending a warm evening outdoors. The pink and purple sunsets are back, the rainstorms, inspired food, long days. It's all so...great!

As far as exciting news goes, I had my very first photo published in the New York Times recently! I can't remember the last time I was so giddy. Maybe when Sam proposed :) It was definitely up there with my top moments.

Looking forward to getting as much out of summer as possible. Eating tons of delicious food, drinking rosé with all the people I love most, taking visits up to our fave summer spot, Gloucester, continuing to bike and run everywhere, continuing to challenge myself in photography, and whatever spontaneity summer may bring.