Spring Came and Went

I've realized that since I've been shooting more projects, I've been carrying my camera around less and less in my day to day. A must have in my day bag has been replaced by my iPhone and obsession with Instagram.

I started my first blog, Foto Diary, a few years ago when I decided to put the challenge on myself to take a photo every single day for a year. After about 6 months, the challenge turned into a place to post happenings without feeling the pressure of having to. However, now that I post regularly to Instagram, I've been slacking on my Foto Diary all together. I'm going to make a conscious effort to start packing my Leica point and shoot again so I can start seeing the world through my original lens. While this blog is dedicated to projects and stories, my original blog I will keep for day to day experiences.

In the meantime, I'm going to start doing some iPhone/Instagram round ups. Below is my first one - Spring! (And if we're not already, let's be friends on Instagram)

May was a memorably month for me. I quit my 9-5 to pursue my own photography career. Leading a freelance lifestyle has improved my work ethic while allowing myself to finally enjoy all that comes with living in one of the most amazing cities. May was filled with flowers upon flowers, thunderstorms, making new friends, and exploring the city I love. I began assisting a photographer that I am endlessly inspired by. I went to the opening of my friends' awesome new restaurant. And I've been able to get excited about shooting again. Now, onto summer!