Camping Down the Oregon Coast - Day 2

The next morning, we drove south to Ecola State Park, just north of Cannon Beach. This is hands down, one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever been. We took a coastal trail that wove in and out of a dense forest of old-growth Sitka spruce, along breathtaking cliffs that offered cinematic views. It was a drizzly day, so the wet fogginess added to the picturesqueness of the forest and coast.

Afterwards, we drove into the town of Cannon Beach, where I yelped the best burger (Tom’s Fish n chips), and then headed to the beach to find the Goonies. This beach did not disappoint.  I love overcast and foggy conditions, I thin they result in beautiful imagery, and the distant haystacks looked so epic, looming in the fog. We spent the night and following morning at Nehalem Bay State Park, which has tall and vast dunes. 

Camping down the Oregon Coast - Day 1

A common theme that happens every year is that I have every intention to update my blog regularly, and as soon as I get busy, it falls to the wayside, leaving me embarassed to post months late with photo projects I was excited to share.

So, in the new year, I will, again, make more of an effort to keep this blog up to date. But I shall start the first post with a very belated post I should have added back in September.

Sam and I took a trip out to Oregon last August, and after a few days in Portland, we headed to the coast for a 6 day camping trip. I have to say, this may have been one of my favorite trips in recent memory. It was a fantastic excuse to cut out from daily life. With limited cell reception or hotel accommodations, it was amazing to spend 6 days straight outside, in some of the most epic nature I've ever seen.

I became completely smitten with the state of Oregon and will be making an effort to dedicate a week or two every summer to explore it's vast outdoors. Being so blown away by barely scratching the surface, I can't even imagine what's in store for future trips! 

Our first stop was Fort Stevens State Park, the northern most park along the Oregon coast, and where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. We spent the afternoon scrambling around the dunes and walking and offroading on the beach. The color palate along the northern coast is stunning. With a moody gray sky, the pale sand and long grass are so calming.