Ren Fuller Photography


Safari in Tanzania

Going on a Safari, while it sounds touristy, is a must. The insight it provides into the Animal Kingdom, is jaw dropping. Not only do you see every animal you can imagine, but you see them co-existing in such close proximity to each other, that it blows the mind. The Ngorongoro Crater was my favorite, and was basically the Lion King, but real life. The crater spans around 100 square miles, and you would think that with such a vast space, that each animal family would have their own pocket. Boy, is that a wrong assumption. If you look in one direction, you can see zebras, wildebeests, lions, warthogs, hyenas, jackals, gazelles. If you look another, you can see flamingos, rhinos, elephants, water buffalo, etc. Save for the hippos, that hang out in their own section of the park, coined, The Hippo Pool.

There are quite a few National Parks to visit, and I wish we could have seen them all. Because I am in love with elephants, we also visited the Tarangire National Park, and nothing made me happier than seeing these majestic families roaming freely.

We used Bush 2 City Adventure, and were very impressed with the company, how accommodating they were to our limited time, and providing us with the best itinerary for our restrictions. Highly recommended!