Ren Fuller Photography


Camping Down the Oregon Coast - Day 4 & 5

Our final destination was Suislaw National Park. By chance, due to the park camp sites being full and a wrong booking, we ended up at a tiny camp, off the grid campsite about 7 miles south of where we planned on staying. With only 11 sites, we got the last unreserved camp site of the weekend.

There are no words to describe this site - it is a hidden gem.  One of our neighbors, who was very intrigued as to how we found this site - later told us that she had been coming to this site for over 50 years.

Entering this campground, the temperature immediately drops what felt like 10 degrees. It is thick with towering Spruce Trees. The sun didn’t make it’s way into the density until after 9am, and was gone well before sunset. It was quiet, with the only sounds coming from the creek running feet from our tent, birds chirping, and fires crackling. It was so peaceful I felt on the brink of tears every time I took in my surroundings. I dare say, nothing could have topped the ending to our camping trip.

We spent 2 nights here. During the day we went on hikes (The Hobbit Trail, recommended by our tent neighbors is highly recommended), and in the evenings we grilled over our campfire. Sleep came early and left late.

I know that I’ll be coming back to this site for the rest of my life.