Ren Fuller Photography


4th of July on Cape Ann

We headed up north for a long holiday weekend over the 4th, to our favorite destination - Gloucester!

This place is beyond special. We've been going up there every summer for the past 6 years because our friends opened up a couple restaurants there. They employed a bunch of friends from the Bay, Brooklyn, and Gloucester, and created a community that values deliciouse food, big gatherings, and of course swimming. The coastal beauty and laid back vibe of this place makes my heart sing.

Our time was nothing short of perfect. Leisurely mornings of breakfast and a book, followed by beach or quarry time and swimming, dinner feasts at both The Market & Short & Main, walks and sunsets, and early bed time (for me) with lots of rest. Not to mention a 4th of July bbq with the best burgers I've ever had by Chef DJ Glantz and an epic fireworks battle between neighbors. The entire evening was super chill with no agenda - just good friends, hanging out by the water, watching the sun set over burgers, drinks, and s'mores.