Ren Fuller Photography


Bokor Hill Station

Part of a french ghost town, Bokor Hill Station sits atop a mountain in Preah Monivong National Park. The road to the top is long, winding, and steep, but provides spectacular views of Kampot and the surrounding countryside.

The town is in the clouds, sunlight breaking through here and there, giving the strange surroundings a cinematic vibe. There's an enormous, seemingly empty, but active hotel & casino, the sight of which is so out of place, it's uncomfortable. Past the casino, you can follow the road to Bokor Hill Station, abandoned since the 40's. The building is an empty and raw maze, with gorgeous light spilling in at sharp angles. 

Before heading back down the mountain, we stopped by a beautiful, abandoned church. I remained outside to take a photo while Sam headed in. Moments after disappearing inside, I hear a startled exclamation and then uncomfortable laughter from Sam. He had walked in on a young dude snapping a naked selfie for his girlfriend. Ha!