Ren Fuller Photography


Pai, Thailand

The road to Pai is a hard one. With so many curves (think Highway 1 to Stinson Beach, only 50 times worse), it is certainly not for the faint of stomach. T-shirts in town proudly boast "762 Curves to Pai." But once you arrive, you see immediately it was worth it.

The tiny town of Pai is surrounded by lush mountains and epic clouds, watched over by a white buddha at the temple on the hill. It's a little hippy town filled with loads of arts and crafts and as always, delicious street food. The town is quiet during the day as there is plenty of exploration to do in the countryside, but at night it comes alive with a nightly street market, where one can shop for crafts and sample food from the endless vendors lining the streets.

The countryside is picturesque and fairly easy to navigate if you have a map. A motorbike here is $3/day and the best way to explore. There's a canyon to hike (with a terrifyingly narrow path dropping off on either side), waterfalls, hot springs (one spring is so hot, you can cook eggs in it!), look out points (I highly recommend going to the mountain above the Chinese Village at sunset or sunrise - especially after a rainfall!), river rafting, and if you're still looking for more, endless rice paddies to stare in awe at.

(Thanks to Sam Fuller for snapping the photo of me at the canyon)