Cook with Milo


This was a really fun shoot with a great team! Milo is a product that should live in everyone’s kitchens. A cast iron dutch oven and skillet that is built to last a life time has the same quality as it’s contenders like Le Creuset or Staub, but at an affordable price point. So stoked to have these beauty’s as my kitchen’s go to. I also got to collaborate with my husband on this project to create the video and GIF :)

Lastly, it’s rare to have a shoot where we actually have the perfect amount of shots in one day. Our shot list allowed me to really have fun with the lighting and to light a larger space than I typically get to do.

Photography - Me!
Creative - Milo
Food Stylist - Marian Cooper Cairns
Prop Stylist - Alicia Buszczak
Photo Assistant - Jennifer Chong
Food Assistant - Michelle Ferrand
Video - Sam Fuller

BTS Bar Amá Cookbook


Earlier this year I shot my very first cookbook. I am forever grateful to the writers/masterminds Josef Centeno and Betty Hallock for trusting me with their vision and for being such wonderful collaborators (as well as our incredible prop stylist Alicia). 

Here are some BTS iPhone only photos from our 3 weeks of shooting and eating together.

This book was shot in and around LA, including the Bar Amá restaurant, and in San Antonio, Josef’s hometown and old stomping grounds. It’ll be out in Falll 2019 with Chronicle Books, with beautiful design by Vanessa Dina.


Martha Stewart Living, June 2018

Everyday Living for Martha Stewart Living Magazine, June 2018 Issue. More images HERE.

Backpacking - Golden Trout Wilderness


My first time leading a backcountry backpacking trip was a great success! We chose to hike around the Cottonwood Lakes over in the Golden Trout Wilderness of the Eastern Sierras because it’s dog friendly.

What I love the most about hiking in the backcountry is that you can pitch a tent anywhere at any time (as long as you have a permit for the area). There are many tasks to do around camp before the sun goes down - setting up camp, organizing gear, washing dishes, making sure the bear container is secure, etc. And once the sun goes down, it gets too cold (and a little scary) to hang outside, so it’s always an early night with some reading. Experiences like this remind me how simple life can be. Away from screens and phones, and noise. Where there is nothing to do but appreciate your surroundings and the people you’re with.

We camped at John Muir Lake, not far from the crowded Cottonwood Lakes, which we had nearly all to ourselves. We spotted lights from two other campsites around the entire lake. And I have to say, it was a much more beautiful place to pitch a tent for the night. The days were spent hiking in and out and exploring the high alpine Cottonwood Lakes, around 11,000 feet.

Can’t wait to do more of this once the winter passes!

Martha Stewart Living, May 2018

Everyday Living for Martha Stewart Living Magazine, May 2018 issue. More images HERE